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Rentals and Insurance


Rentals and Insurance

Different types of policies you will need to protect your home once you purchase here.

One of the first pieces of advice I give my clients when discussing insurance in Florida is to tell their insurance agent when getting quotes for potential properties they intend to rent. There are many different types of policies you will need to protect your home once you purchase here, but you also need to protect yourself from the liability of having guests in your home if you decide to rent it out when you are not here. Be sure to ask about an endorsement called “rental to others” you may need in addition to your regular insurance.

Now let’s talk golf carts. One of the reasons 30a is a popular area is its accessibility by golf cart. Most guests will be safe and ensure they obey the rules, but there are always those that relent and let their children drive the carts when they are not of age. Not only is this illegal but it’s extremely dangerous. You need to be certain you have proper coverage should an accident happen while they are on vacation using your cart. Local tip: If you have more than two cars behind you, please pull over and let them pass. We appreciate your cooperation as we share the roads since we are not on vacation time but trying to get to work or pick up our kids.

How about flood insurance? Yes, yes, and yes again. You will want to check if your home is in a flood area that requires flood insurance. Even if it’s not required, I highly recommend you get a flood policy because we’ve had many rains that have caused damage to areas people never expected to get harmed due to flooding.

If you are a condo owner, It’s really important you understand the difference between the insurance your HOA dues cover and your personal policy for contents. I get this question a lot because people will see online the dues cover insurance. That is the building insurance and yes it does include common areas, but it does not include your unit typically with short-term guests.

You’ve made an investment in a home here. Make sure you protect it from all the things that were never supposed to happen but do.

I am not an attorney and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. For interpretation and application of anything you read on my blog or site, you must speak with a Florida-licensed real estate attorney.