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Everything you need to know about putting your home on the market, accepting an offer, and closing on your home.

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Step One —

The Choice Is Yours

It may sound simple, but making the choice to sell your home happens for many reasons. In a primary market, it starts with we need more space or maybe a job transfer. In a second home market, however, it’s typically a desire to do something different.

Many times I hear sellers say things like “We will just put it out there and if we get ‘our price,’ and if so, then we will sell.” Price is determined by the market, and if you don’t realize that, you may go down a rabbit hole of unrealistic expectations when a property you’ve “decided” to sell sits on the market because it was priced too high. If you truly want to sell your home, you must be willing to do what’s necessary. Handling deferred maintenance, decluttering, maybe even taking it off rental for easier showings - all things that must be considered if you truly want to find a new owner for your home.

Step Two —

It's a Process

Our sellers’ process gives you realistic expectations in today’s market which isn’t always what owners want to hear, but it comes with a promise of honesty in setting expectations for both pricing and anticipated time on the market. We ensure you understand all steps in both the listing and closing processes so when an offer comes in you are prepared to respond quickly because you are educated.

Contract to closing is an exciting time and one filled with timelines, deadlines, and more. Our transaction coordinator team is the best in the business making this process seamless by keeping everyone in the transaction up-to-date with the latest information on what’s happening and when.

Step Three —

Now What?

Whether you are staying in the area or relocating, our relationship doesn’t end at the closing table. My network of luxury agents throughout the country through my volunteering and networking provides access to the top agents in every market. I will find the best options anywhere you may roam, even internationally, so you are confident you are working with an elite agent.