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In 2020 my husband of 27 years was diagnosed with a very rare salivary gland cancer. 20 months later he passed away leaving me and our three sons to figure out life without him here. This tragedy transformed many things about our life but one that could not be denied was how much our local community stepped up to help our family during his treatment and after his passing.

We started a go fund me to pay the kindness forward. We expected to possibly raise a few thousands dollars to pay for another patient’s private nursing care as the community had ours. But we received so much more than that. In the span of a few days we raised almost $30,000. And from that incredible generosity, the Bailey Brigade was born. We collaborated with Scott’s oncologist to find out the needs of local patients and now we cover all three of those through our foundation.

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Our support covers three areas:

  • Brigade Backpacks: We provide care bags for patients beginning treatment filled with items of comfort and support - teas and medicines to help nausea, high quality lotions and lip balms to soothe battered bodies, handwritten notes of support and so much more.
  • Co-pay Assistance: Qualifying patients may receive co-pay assistance to help cover treatment costs.
  • Education Scholarship to Local Students: Local students entering the medical field may apply for scholarships to help with education expenses.

A portion of every real estate transaction now goes to support the foundation which is my husband’s legacy, a way for this wonderful man and member of this community for almost 30 years to be remembered. Through the care and kindness shown to us, we are able to pass that along to hundreds of local cancer patients.

Join our Army of Hope & Love supporting local cancer patients so they do not begin their journey alone! Find out more at

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My volunteering experience began my first year as a Real Estate Agent once someone said to me you don’t want to only take from an industry that gives you so much. I couldn’t agree more. From there began my journey serving at the local, state and national levels for the real estate industry with the intention of doing my part to increase professionalism and education of our members.

My late husband used to tease me I only sold real estate to support my volunteering habit. He may not be wrong because I love serving this amazing industry which has indeed given me and my family so much over the past ten years as clients become friends and friends become like family.

Thank you for your support! Look for coming soon with the opportunity to provide ongoing support to patients through monthly subscriptions!

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The Bailey Advisory Group prioritizes attentive communication and compassionate listening, fostering a collaborative environment to guide buyers and sellers through the process. With expertise in negotiation and a focus on your best interests, they facilitate successful real estate transactions.

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