Michele’s Favorite pit stops on your road to Life Reimagined!

Favorite Dessert

Pecan Praline Bread Pudding - 98 BBQ

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Favorite Cup of Joe

Black Bear - The Tan Line - Grayton Beach

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Favorite Art Gallery

The Studio Gallery - Grayton Beach

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Favorite Place Off the Beaten Place

30a Distillery Co. - Santa Rosa Beach

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Michele Bailey

Broker Associate
Compass Founding Agent l Team Lead

License # BK3244265

Innate ability to eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting.

Zigs and Zags:
The world shutting down in March of 2020 due to a worldwide pandemic was the least of her worries as her husband of 27 years was diagnosed with stage four salivary gland cancer the same month. The next two years were spent in treatment in the midst of figuring out how to support her family, building their dream house, opening a real estate brokerage while being president of the local Realtor association among other things. Did I mention she and Scott had 3 teenage boys to manage in the midst of - well, see above. Part of her life story ended when Scott passed away in December of 2021 but the next series of struggles began as a solo parent to three very strong willed humans. I think they call it motherhood. But she’s doing it - Day by day, sometimes minute by minute - because she believes everything is figureoutable in the end and there is nothing in this world more important than faith and family.

Work Life:
Michele is a former court reporter by trade who worked with real estate attorneys hearing how everything went wrong for agents and homeowners for over ten years in Birmingham, Alabama. The birth of her first child lead to a relocation to the beach and a transition out of the legal world into a more creative one. She opened a scrapbook store until two more pregnancies resulted in two more sons and the nanny making more than she did. A brief hiatus from work allowed her to switch gears into real estate over a decade ago and she hasn’t looked back since. A desire to improve the industry she serves lead to the past ten years serving on various Realtor committees, boards and organizations and becoming an advocate for her clients in all things related to home ownership like insurance reform and private property rights. A dedicated education junkie she has amassed a plethora of letters after her name indicative of her passion for learning which most folks doesn’t know what they mean but demonstrate a desire to always be learning more about the industry she serves.