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Step One —

Make the Decision

I am sure you’re thinking, thanks, Captain Obvious, but moving from dreaming to doing is part of the process which may be harder than you think.

You’re probably like most of my customers who’ve thought of buying for years. Every time you vacation here you think it would be so nice to have your own place instead of paying for someone else’s. Maybe you’re even ready to make the leap to living here full-time.

Transitioning from the idea of a beach home into the reality of owning one doesn’t start with scrolling online or even looking in person. It starts with commitment and everyone needs to be on board. Whether that’s you, you and your spouse, or you and your kids - whoever gets a say all have to be on board this is the time to purchase.

Once that happens, it’s game on. Finding the four walls to call your home sweet second home - well, that’s the easy part.

Step Two —

Know the Process

Buying out of town can be daunting, but with over a decade experience, we’ve simplified the process. Our priority is for you to have confidence every detail is handled because sometimes you may feel a bit lost when you aren’t physically present. Don’t worry, we are here when you can’t be.

We narrow down your options to find the right home to fit your needs. Using market data to make a sound decision, we negotiate the best possible terms in your offer. Once it’s accepted, we walk you through every step of the closing process, managing all the details.

Any bumps in the road we may encounter, we have creative strategies to overcome. From our list of preferred vendors for inspections, and remodeling quotes, to rental management companies, we have trusted vendors who’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations time and time again to help navigate the process.

As an added bonus, once you own your dream home, you’re in the club - an open invitation to all our signature events, continued market reports to monitor your investment over time, and more. Congratulations!

Step Three —

Understand the Return

We all work hard for our money - well, unless you won the golden ticket as a trust fund baby. You, my friends, are a different animal who can change directions as the wind blows. But for the rest of us who’ve worked hard to get here, we need to know we are making a sound investment.

But buying a beach house is investing in so much more than the four walls. It’s getting a true ROR, a return on the relationship, which yields a much higher rate.

Time slows here. Kids put their phones down - at least for a while. Sun-drenched bodies gather to eat meals together outside of the hurry of sports, work, and laundry. Grandkids grow up with memories of going to Nana’s house at the beach. You are honoring the desire to put family first, prioritizing your most valuable asset of time with those you love most in the world.

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