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All Dogs Are Not Created Equals


All Dogs Are Not Created Equals

Pets are Usually due to Fido’s breed and or how many Fidos one may have.

What’s the number one reason clients cancel their contract after reading the covenants and restrictions for a condo building? Pets are Usually due to Fido’s breed and or how many Fidos one may have.

The covenants and restrictions of a condominium are available for purchasers to review both before and even after they are under contract. Once all documents have been provided by the seller, the buyer has 3 days in which to review and decide to move forward or cancel, and provided they follow the requirements they can even get their earnest money deposit back.

Sometimes owners have multiple pets which exceeds the number allowed per unit. In this case, the buyer can notify the seller in writing of their wish to cancel the contract under the 3-day right of rescission allowed by the state of Florida for anyone purchasing a condominium.

Owners and rental guests are also not created equal. The provision to bring your furry kiddos does not extend to rental guests typically. Of course, you need to review the restrictions to confirm for each specific building, but in most cases, guests simply aren’t allowed to bring their pets. The reason here is two-fold. Many times it has to do with the rules of the building but it also has to do with the property management company’s ability to adequately clean a unit on a turn day during the season. Many times pet hair gets everywhere and under everything which makes housekeeping a challenge in an already challenging environment of having to clean many units in a short period of time during the season, typically a Saturday or Sunday.

So what’s a buyer to do? Make sure you tell your Real estate agent you have pets you’d like to travel with while you are looking. I once had a client with a pet pig. We had to call the city to find out what was considered a domesticated animal because the restrictions weren’t specific. Turns out their pink piggie wasn’t going to be allowed to visit and they were okay with that but they knew it going in because they told me about it ahead of time. Many times agents can help eliminate buildings where pets aren’t allowed before you even begin to search for your next home sweet second home.

I am not an attorney and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. For interpretation and application of anything you read on my blog or site, you must speak with a Florida-licensed real estate attorney.